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Who the hell do we think we are?

You would like to know about Chopper Kings? Ok, here it is.......

Alessandro and JacopoFounded in Italy in 2013, the 2 owners Alessandro and Jacopo established a new brand of handlebars based on the creative ideas of Alessandro. The idea was to create something that could be used for more than just handlebars and so Chopper Kings was born; a rebel kinda brand that can be f*cked around with to do all sorts of products, as long as bikers like it.

JaapIn 2014 they met with Jaap Bakker from Holland and teamed up with him to take the startup to the next level. A lot has changed since then; they started over with new steel to meet safety specifications and most of the bars were certified by TUV in Germany. This is almost a requirement to sell handlebars in Europe. We really care about safety and quality, not like those @ssholes that sell cheap Chinese crap.

WorkshopNowadays the Chopper Kings brand has been expanded to clothing and beer. Beer?!? Yeah, why not, bikers drink beer right? So as long as you don't drink and drive we don't really care what kind of products we make. The beer is a separate company though.

Show setupSo we have really cool stuff, we exhibit, do roadshows, get into magazines, have some great wholesale clients and dealers that sell our stuff, and even some really cool bars in Europe and California that sell beer. We think we rock!

MairaWith the support of our friends and family we work hard. And of course we get to know some great girls that help us out. Come to the Verona bike show for example and meet them in person!


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